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LFS-03 Pressure Switch (15-2500mbar)
Product Details

LFS-03 can be is applied to detection positive or negative pressure. It can be used as a gauge or differential pressure switch with almost no hysteresis. If 2 switch points are required, 2 pressure switches with different calibrations should be employed. The method of fixing the tab terminals to the switch body does not allow for absolute air sealing. The switch is therefore not recommended for applications where static vacuum has to be maintained. However, special models with additional pressure spring which allow for the vacuum to be connected to the pressure inlet side are available on request.




Electrical Function

1 pole NO
1 pole NC

Switch Rating

1 pole NO:
2.5(0.5) A 250V~1E4
1 A250 V~5E4(max 800 mbar)
20 mA 250 V~5E4(max 800 mbar)
1 Pole NC:
2.5(0.5) A 250V~1E4
0.5 A250 V~5E4(max 800 mbar)
20 mA 250 V~5E4


Ambient: -10 to +85℃

Electrical Connections

Tab terminals 6.4 x0.8 mm
Tab terminals 4.8 x0.8 mm(1 pole NO only)


Pressure: +15 to +2500 mbar
Tolerance: +/- 10% NO; +/- 15% NC
Vacuum: -600 to -15 mbar
Tolerance: +/- 15%

Sample Line Connections

Pressure and vacuum: Inlet 4.0 or5.5 mm(up to 500 mbar)
Threaded inlet M10 x1 mmor 1/4 gas

Switch hysteresis

Almost no hysteresis

Max. working pressure

3000 mbar


Non hazardous gas only

Fixing Methods

Plastics clips (version with inlet only)


Lower body: PA 66

Upper body: PA 66

Adjust. screw: PA 66

Contact carrying parts: Brass Silver plated (gold plating on request)
Membrane: Nitrile, EPDM, (Silicone, Perbunan on request) according to application

Conversion: 1mbar = 100 Pa 1 in/H2O= 249 Pa

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