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LF20-H High Pressure Switch (10~400 PSI)
Product Details

The LF20-H pressure switches are robust, compact and designed to operate in harsh environments at various pressures. Because of its special internal design this switch can tolerate high pressure spikes inherent on many pressure systems. The switch is factory calibrated but in the case that adjustment is needed in the field the switch offers an adjustment screw to facilitate any fine tuning required. The standard diaphragm employed is polyimide making it compatible with many gases and liquids. Several other diaphragm materials are available that make the switch compatible with many mediums. Various electrical terminations are available including tabs and a metric-pack connector that forms a tight seal when connected. Because of their ruggedness the LF20-H is a popular choice for the many OEM applications.


Series No.



Air,motor oils, transmission oils, jet fuels and other similar hydrocarbon medium; water (provide with special diaphragm material)

Pressure Set Point

Factory set from 10 to 400 PSI

Max Operating Pressure

500 PSI

Proof Pressure


Burst Pressure


Operating TemperatureRange

-40° C to ~ 120° C

Switch Type

Direct action, blade contact

Electric Rating

Resistive: 15 AMP- 6 VDC

8 AMP- 12 VDC

4 AMP- 24 VDC

Inductive: 1 AMP- 120 VAC

0.5 AMP- 240 VAC

Contact Arrangement




#8-32 screws, 1/4" blade, Metri-Pack


1/8"NPT Male, 1/4"NPT Male, G1/8" Male, G1/4" Male


Contact: Silver alloy, gold plated

Base: Plated Steel;

Cover: Glass reinforced polyester

Diaphragm:Polyimide film (other materials is optional according to media)


Base connector thread sizes; wire leads (potted & sealed); N.O./N.O. dual circuit and N.C./N.C. dual circuit

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