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LF20 Extended Duty Pressure Switch (0.5-150 PSI)
Product Details

The LF20 pressure switch is specifically designed to stand up to extended duty applications. This switch is factory set but capable of field adjustment. It features different diaphragms for compatibility with a wide variety of fluids, and various terminations including a Metri-Pack connector that forms a tight seal when connected. Among the outstanding design benefits are its durable construction, compact size, and enhanced set point integrity. It can be widely used for pool and spa, anti-skid braking systems, water pump systems, and dental air compressors, heavy construction, off road equipments and other pressure control systems.

Series No.
Air,motor oils, transmission oils, jet fuels and other similar hydrocarbon medium; water (provide with special diaphragm material)
Pressure Set Point
Factory set from 0.5 to 150 PSI
Max Operating Pressure
150 PSI for 0.5-24 PSI set point range
250 PSI for 25-150 PSI set point range
Proof Pressure
500 PSI
Burst Pressure
750 PSI for 0.5-24 PSI set point range
1250 PSI for 25-150 PSI set point range
Operating Temperature Range
-40° C to ~ 120° C
Switch Type
Direct action, blade contact
Electric Rating
Resistive: 15 AMP- 6 VDC
8 AMP- 12 VDC
4 AMP- 24 VDC
Inductive: 1 AMP- 120 VAC
0.5 AMP- 240 VAC
Contact Arrangement
SPST-N.O., N.C.,
1 circuit adjustable dual circuit, or 2 circuits adjustable dual circuit.
Also available areN.O./N.O. dual circuit and N.C./N.C. dual circuit.”F.
#8-32 screws, 1/4” blade, Metri-Pack


1/8"NPT Male, 1/4"NPT Male, G1/8" Male, G1/4" Male

Contact: Silver alloy, gold plated
Base: Brass
Cover: Glass reinforced polyester
Diaphragm:Polyimide film (other materials is optional according to media)


Plated Steel, plastic or stainless steel base; various base connector thread sizes; wire leads (potted & sealed).

Agency Approval


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